2020 New Zealand Adventure - January 2020

Beauty of New Zealand Canyons


New Zealand Slot


Haast Pass Scenery


Approach Hike


What to Expect

If huge sites and mind blowing vistas are what you desire, look no further! We will give you the opportunity to experience a new self-awareness as you push yourself to grow and experience new things in astonishing environments. We schedule our trips to get the most out of the time spent in the amazing locations. We will constantly be on the go and descend 5-7 world class canyons on New Zealand's amazing south Island! You can expect to get to put your canyoning skills to the test and have the trip of a life time as we explore this amazing place and rappel, swim, jump and slide through these extreme canyons!

We provide all the gear for the activities below including: Wet suit, Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Head lamp,  Dry bag and packs if needed. Many individuals prefer to use their own gear as that is what they are accustomed to. Just let us know and we will make the appropriate arrangements.  Once you have signed up we will set up a time to call or meet you and discuss the trip more in depth. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive check list to ensure you have everything you need for this trip. Due to the small size of our groups we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone. If we reach our capacity we will add you to our waiting list (you won't be charged until you have a confirmed spot).


Sample Itinerary:

Adventure activities on this trip include - Descending 5-7 world class canyons this trip, Glacier views, Bungee jumping off a bridge, and sightseeing that will leave you breathless. In addition to visiting the locations near our adventures we will explore locations like Christchurch and Queenstown as desired by the group. We will select the canyons based on weather and water flow, so we can not guarantee which canyons we will descend in advance. Below is a sample map of the route we might take. 


Day 1:      

       We will gather our stuff at the airport and get on the road as soon as possible. Driving the the Mt. Cook region will take a few hours but this will be a good chance to see some scenery and start getting to know the people we will be sharing our lives with for the next several days. We'll also stop at a local grocery store to pick up food which will allow us to camp in more rural areas without depending on restaurants for every meal.

Day 2: 

      We'll head towards the mountains of Makarora on an eco-adventure into the unspoiled forest as we hike up the hills to descend our first canyon. We'll jump, slide and rappel our way down numerous waterfalls up to 100 ft tall as we are blown away by the natural beauty of the land. When we finish up the canyon we will take some time to journey through the glacially carved valley and admire the amazing color of the blue pools.

Day 3:

      After our first day of canyoning the group will be chomping at the bit to get back out and play some more! We will head further in the direction of Haast to find a canyon with even bigger waterfalls and deeper gorges. It will be deep, it will be dark, and we will love it. We'll take the whole day to descend this canyon and another in the area, so we can expect to be exhausted.

Day 4:

     We are going to use this day as a recovery day if needed or we will do more canyons depending on the desire of the group. No matter what we choose we will still have a blast! If we choose Queenstown we will get to Bungee Jump off a bridge over a river! This is definitely an exciting experience and a thrill in an amazing setting. To keep the day relaxing we will check out the amazing town of Queenstown and possibly sample the world famous Fergburger.  

Day 5:

      We will be heading back to Aspiring National park to explore some additional canyons. We have more options than we will know what to do with. We can head for the unreal blue waters of Haast pass, or we can head over the Rob Roy Glacier area and explore the fantastical scenery of that area.

Day 6:

      We'll head North along the West Coast of the South Island. Taking in the scenery and making frequent stops to enjoy the journey. We will plan our trip so we can stop as the sun drops and night takes over so we can see the magnificent glow worms at some hidden glow worm gems.

Day 7:

      We will start to make our way back to Christchurch; heading thru Arthur's Pass. Fortunately, we will still have time to do one last canyon! Griffin Creek will be the highest flow and possibly most challenging canyon of the trip. Big water, big jumps, and big views. What a way to end the trip!

Day 8:

      Our final day where we say goodbye. We will depart and head to the Christchurch Airport for those that are departing the country or we'll drop you off at a predetermined location based on where your next adventure takes you.

Requirements for all guest:

     1. Be able to overcome any fear associated with our activities (rappelling, tight narrow spaces, dark spaces, swimming).

    2. Be able to swim.

    3. Canyoneering abilities - Rappel, Guided Rappels, Anchor building, Contingency Anchors, Jumping, Sliding

    3. Physically able to be active all day and hike up to 12 miles in a day with a backpack.

    4. All guest must be able to follow instructions to ensure safety.


     $2000/person (Available discounts - 20% off for Advanced Canyoneering Class Graduates & 10% off for 2 or more bookings) includes: Accommodations,  Activities (canyoning & sight seeing), Transportation in New Zealand, Gas, Expert Leaders, Gear, and videography from the trip.

Individuals will be responsible for arrange their own flights and purchase of food. We will be able to stop at grocery stores to buy food or dine out as desired by group. Participants are required to provide all documentation necessary to travel internationally including passports or visas(currently visas are not require for U.S. citizens to enter New Zealand).

Due to the locations and hours we keep on this adventure we utilize RVs so we can stay closer to the canyons in primitive areas. This means we will have limited sleeping space, a bed will be provided for everyone.

    A 50% initial deposit will be required at the time of booking and is fully refundable for 7 days after booking if booked more than 97 days in advance of the departure date. A 50% refund is available after 7 days from booking if booked more that 97 days in advance of the departure date. Once the date is within 90 days of the departure date no refund is available. Payment is due in full 90 days in advance of the departure date and is non refundable.