Canyoneering Classes

Canyoneering is an amazing sport that allows people to explore and see our planet in a whole new light.  Canyoneering incorporates hiking, climbing, rappelling, swimming, jumping, navigation, and many other skills in one sport. Anyone can do it with the right training and we have classes to suit all skill levels! Our facility features a slot canyon, rappel tower, and other items to simulate the obstacles found in canyoneering. This allows us to train year round! 

Intermediate Class sample topics:

 - Anchors

 - Climbing basics

 - Contingency anchors

 - Guided Rappels

 - intermediate knots

 - Intermediate Rappelling skills

 - On Rope Skills

 - Rope Work

 - Simul-Rappelling

 - Self Rescue

 - Class C Canyons (Swimming, Jumping, Sliding)

Beginner I & II Class sample topics:

 - Anchors basics

 - Basic Knots

 - Canyon Rating System

 - Canyoneering accidents

 - Climbing basics

 - Emergency Preparedness

 - Equipment Use

 - Rappelling basics

 - Rope Work

 - Signals & terminology

 - Stemming

Advanced Class sample topics:

 - Advanced Anchor building

 - Ascending Rope

 - hauling systems

 - Passing a knot

 - Pothole Escapes

 - Rescue situations

 - R & X Rated Canyons

Class topics are sampled above with many additional skills being covered in class.  We offer beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. Each course consist of a minimum of 9 hours - broken into 3 classes. Our classes are a ton of fun and jammed packed with useful information to keep you safe. All necessary gear is provided, or you can bring your own gear if you'd like to use that for class.