Booking Now! 2019 Alps Adventure Tourism

September 1st - 8th 2019 and September 8th - 15th 2019

Sample of Canyoning in the Alps

Picture from typical accommodations


Sample of Via Ferrata in the Alps

Cave Like Canyon

What to Expect

You can't truly appreciate a waterfall until you've experienced the pounding of the water when you rappel through it! We will give you the opportunity to experience rarely visited areas as you push yourself to experience new things in astonishing environments. We schedule our trips with adventure and rest periods, so you can enjoy your time abroad with a balance of excitement and culture. We also allow our guest to learn, if desired, the skills as we go along so they can more actively participate in the activities. We have great accommodations to allow for enjoyable rest in between our journeys. There will be plenty of opportunities to take in the grandeur and beauty while you can rely on our guides to lead the way dealing with decision making, logistics, route-finding and safety.

We provide all the gear for the activities below including: Wet suit, Harness, Helmet, Rappel Device, Head lamp, Via Ferrata Lanyard, Dry bag and packs. Once you have signed up we will set up a time to call you and discuss the trip more in depth. In addition, we will provide a comprehensive check list to ensure you have everything you need for this trip. Due to the small size of our groups, our trips fill up fast so unfortunately if we reach our capacity we will add you to our waiting list (you won't be charged until you have a confirmed spot).


Sample Itinerary:

We pride ourselves on being flexible and take into account the desires/personalities of our groups. If there is one activity we believe the group might enjoy more than another we will discuss it and make the decision to ensure our trips end up being the best possible.

Canyoning - Descend 3 world class canyons this trip


Via Ferrata - Scale 2 Via Ferrata Routes (Saillon, Murren, Signori)

Tourism - In addition to visiting the locations near our canyons and via ferrata routes we will plan to visit Milan and Bellagio on our rest days

Day 1:

      We will arrive after a long day of travelling. Our goal this day is to stay awake and get on the local timezone. We will visit one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan! As we head into the heart of the city we will visit the Duomo one of the largest cathedrals in world. Climbing the stairs to the top of the cathedral will give us great vistas of the world famous city. After we will head to the oldest shopping mall in the world and see if we can capture some luck by performing a fun centuries old tradition. A trip to Milan wouldn't be complete without eating some famous Panzerotto, a favorite local cuisine. As time permits we will also explore Sforzesco Castle and Monumental Cemetery where we can experience some world class art. All of this movement should keep us vibrant and wide awake as we head to our accommodations in the Lake Como area. Once we arrive we will finish off the day with dinner and training for the week of activities ahead of us.

Day 2: 

      We will start the day off early with a drive into the alps. Our drive will take us on one of the top rated scenic drives in Italy. We will go through numerous tunnels and take hairpin turns as we ascend higher and higher into the Italian Alps. Once we get to the top then we get to start heading down through a spectacular cave like canyon. We will don our wet suits, harnesses, and headlamps as we complete 20+ rappels in flowing water and find our way through tunnels and hard to find passages. Our canyon ends in a small little town where the locals are friendly and the scenery is amazing. We will dine on some fabulous pizza or Italian cuisine in the mountain town.

Day 3:

      We will head directly north from the Lake Como area to our first via ferrata route. This will be a good introduction to via ferrata as we ascend approximately 600 ft on the cables and ladders. We will get up high to have some great views of the valley bellow and enjoy a leisurely hike back down. On our way back we will stop at some of the local attractions including an archaeological dig site and of course take some time to eat some great food.

Day 4:

      We get back at Canyoning! This time we will head to a more aquatic canyon with deeper pools, slides, and jumps! The water is crystal clear and very inviting. There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water and opportunities to choose to either jump, rappel, or slide waterfalls. This canyon will be a blast and good preparation for our last most challenging canyon. We will enjoy a local Osteria (pub like restaurant) in the beautiful surroundings of the area.

Day 5:

      After three days of very physical activity the group will be ready to take it easier and have a nice recovery day. We will be able to enjoy a slower pace this day as we take a relaxing ferry ride across the lake to the beautiful town of Bellagio. A trip to Lake Como is incomplete without a visit to Bellagio. With a vibrant town center there are small alleys full of color and beauty where you can loose yourself. The restaurants are fabulous in Bellagio and we will enjoy our day visiting the sites of this small town.

Day 6:

      Our next two days will be spent in Switzerland. Depending on the conditions will chose the best route for the day. We will ascend a much larger via ferrata route regardless. These routes have bridges to cross, ladders to climb and some have waterfalls that spray you as you climb. It is quite the site to behold! We will spend a bit of time driving but the scenery makes it an enjoyable drive. We will see glaciers and small towns and be amazed by the mighty alps in the area. Depending on the time we may visit the small town of Lavertezzo that has an amazing double arched bridge that we can jump off into some of the clearest water we have ever seen.

Day 7:

      Our last Adventure, and one of our favorites! This canyon offers the biggest Rappels, Jumps, and slides yet. We will start by entering a small town and checking the water levels of the canyon to ensure it is safe to descend. Once we have the green light we will drive a ways up the mountain where we will start our hike through the forest. The hike is quite enjoyable and we have encountered some Alpine Ibex in the past! After hiking for about an hour we will gear up and start descending this amazingly sculpted canyon. As we descend this canyon it gives the feeling as if nature has created the perfect water park just for adults. This is a day we won't want to end.

Day 8:

      Our final day where we say goodbye. We will depart and head to the airport for those that are departing the country or drop you off at a predetermined location based on where your next adventure takes you.

Requirements for all guest:

     1. Be able to overcome any fear associated with our activities (rappelling, tight narrow spaces, dark spaces, swimming).

    2. Be able to swim.

    3. Physically able to be active all day and hike up to 12 miles in a day with a backpack.

    4. All guest must be able to follow instructions to safely complete all our adventures.


     $3600/person includes: Accommodations, Activities, Transportation in Europe (Car, Gondola, Ferry etc...), Guides, Gear, and round trip flights from one of the following U.S. Cities for the dates of the trip. (Atlanta, Baltimore-Washington, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, New York City, Newark, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle-Tacoma, Washington D.C.)

    $3000/person includes: Accommodations, Activities, Transportation in Europe (Car, Gondola, Ferry etc...), Guides, and Gear. This option allows you to book flexible dates from any airport and arrive earlier or depart later if you want to spend additional time in Europe.

Food is not provided. We will be able to stop at grocery stores to buy food or dine out as desired by guest. Participants are required to provide all documentation necessary to travel internationally including passports or visas.

Due to the locations and hours we keep on our adventures we tend to utilize homestay options that give us added flexibility. This means there may be occasions when a room might be required to be shared with individual beds for single travelers. We are able to provide couples with private rooms.

    A 50% initial deposit will be required at the time of booking and is fully refundable for 7 days after booking if booked more than 97 days in advance of the departure date. A 50% refund is available after 7 days from booking if booked more that 97 days in advance of the departure date. Once the date is within 90 days of the departure date no refund is available. Payment is due in full 90 days in advance of the departure date and is non refundable.